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Alinda Jansen, Founder of PONSIST


Surgeon Connector

Alinda Jansen connects surgeons at the Global Surgical Society

Not too long ago, after having worked in the commercial medical device industry for two decades, I took a short career time out. Soon I discovered the keys I needed to make a change. After all, we are only limited by what we allow us to limit. 

Turns out, all I had to do was to use the keys I found. From then on I dedicated myself full time to build the Global Surgical Society, PONSIST.

Globetrotting Motivator

Life Coach and Sales Expert with a passion for Healthcare in general and Surgeons in particular

I'm sharing my experience at international conferences and intimate meetings around the world. 

Whether as a guest speaker, a motivating trainer or a workshop leader, I help break through the boundaries that are limiting your team and inspire them to shape the future. 

Did you realise the keys to success are already in your possession? 

You just need someone to show you the lock and encourage you to open the door.

Innovative Speaker

Alinda combines thoughtful insights with humour to make your event a success

An enthusiastic orator and inspired innovator that will shed a new light with a humorous twist on your next event. Craving for some new angles insights? Can you do with a new fresh wind in your organisation?

Contact me, and we will create a workshop or presentation that fits your specific desire. 

You can talk to me in English or Dutch. 

Depending of the nature of your event, courtesy sessions are optional. 

Talk Topics

Beyond Obvious

Trainer, Motivator, Coach with beyond obvious topics. Insight that differ. Motivating method.

With a love for Life itself with all its quirks, a special interest in Healthcare and being a passionate Sales Expert there's a lot to talk about.
Whether you wish to dive into the Paradox of Humans or discuss the Price of Free, you found the right person.
Should time be limited and you are searching for that cherry on the top, Happiness Street; Inspiring Short Talks is for you.

Let's explore the best way to work together!

Creating Change

Creating change is like flipping a railroad switch. Before you know it you're on a new track.

Nothing ever stays the same, yet creating a change is one of the hardest things to do. Whether you are looking to change an outcome or to make a habitual change, I can help you reach your goals with clever insights and practical tips. 

My work is powered by a lifetime of professional interactions and the  changes I've made to my own life to create the Global Surgical Society. 

Life Is Sales

Life Is Sales
Marketing Is Sales
Management Is Sales
Everything is Sales

'I need another Selling Skills course', said no Sales Rep ever.

So let's just get real about it. 

I will share the real secret to being successful in Sales. 

It's not another costly model and it's not industry specific.

It's about Life. And Life is Sales.

personal note


Wonderful that you're browsing my website and since you've gotten this far, I'll add a personal touch. I'm Dutch, from The Netherlands, currently living in Dubai, UAE. I get extra happy about the little joys of life, like sunshiny days, seeing people do well, music that fits your mood, and crispy veggies.

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